About Us

Bleu Flux ( translated “Blue Streams”) is the evolution of H20. Our clean water process combines Micron Filtering, Reverse Osmosis, and UV filtering to guarantee a fresh and pure taste everytime. Blue Flux water is sourced locally and delivers a refreshing thirst- quenching, clean taste. Come join the Bleu Flux Movement.

Restaurant And Medical Supplies

Bleu Flux is also a premiere distributor of food, medical, and industrial supplies offering our products to businesses throughout North America.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality products to our customers.


We offer private-label branding on products that will promote a consistent visual presentation of your business and all it has to offer while pointing directly to the onsite safety measures that will keep them coming back. People want to enjoy a life filled with public gatherings again and while restrictions in many sectors are being eased, we want to help you deliver a consistent message to your customers and clients that emphasizes the following:

“We’re open for business and we want you to know that we care about your health and safety more than anything!”

We make you and your customers our #1 priority- Bleu Flux

The Bleu Flux Filtering Process

1 Stage: Sand filter
2 Stage: Carbon filter
3 Stage: Water softener
4 Stage: Micron filter
5 Stage: Membrane filter
6 Stage: Ultra violate ( U V SYSTEM)
8 Stage: Micron filter

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